Dr. Christian W. Lübbers

Photo of Dr. Christian W. Lübbers, one of three speakers of the INH
Dr. Christian W. Lübbers

I am an ENT specialist and I’m pracising in my own surgery in Upper Bavaria. My motivation as a doctor is to offer honest medicine for all patients. Part of this honesty is telling the patient what helps and what does not help. As tempting as the ideas about homeopathy may sound, I experience every day in practice that globules do not help with illnesses and do not bring any improvement.

I came into contact with the Homeopathy Information Network in January 2017 when I published on Twitter a homeopathic mistreatment that had particularly shocked me. A four-year-old girl was given globules to treat a purulent middle ear infection. Not to swallow, but to the ear canal on the inflamed eardrum.  I must admit, I almost got into a froth thereby. It is important to me to take the patients seeking help seriously and to listen to them.

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