About us – who we are, what we strive for

The introductory picture shows raised hands symbolizing togetherness in a common thing.

We are committed to honest medicine and fair education about homeopathy. Because only complete and correct information is the basis for your choice and your independent decision as a patient – for or against homeopathy. We do not want to deprive you of this choice, on the contrary: we want to help you make it informed and responsible.

We are not simply “against homeopathy”, we have a positive goal: we care about your health and also about honesty within medicine. We do not want false claims about homeopathy to unsettle you and harm you and your children.

The information network Homeopathy is a free association of more than 60 experts of different specialisations, biographies and ideologies. It unites the intention to create a counterweight to the massive misinformation on homeopathy in the public with objective and well-founded education. Each of us has experience with homeopathy – be it on the user or critic side or both. 

We don’t want to keep quiet any longer:

    • that patients are misinformed or inadequately informed and believe false healing promises that can lead to health damage;
    • that research is endorsed that has no effect on homeopathic treatment practice. And which serves only one purpose: to make the patient believe that homeopathy is close to finding proof that mere sugar globules can have targeted effects;
    • that prospective physicians at universities learn pseudoscientific contents such as repertories and the principle of potentiation, which contradicts physics. That we are training a generation of doctors of whom we no longer even know whether they even know that homeopathic remedies are placebos;
    • that gut instinct and clean scientific evidence-based methodology are presented as equal proof procedures for determining the risk/benefit ratio of medical procedures – just as scientifically critical thinking cannot be treated equally to pre-scientific worldviews.

Statement on Transparency

We are independent and are not paid by any public, commercial or private organization, group or individual. Smaller donations are used exclusively to cover material expenses, such as running costs for our servers or printing information material. We work on a voluntary basis and pay the costs for this activity from our own resources. No one receives remuneration for their work at INH. The INH was initiated by Dr.-Ing. Norbert Aust and is headed by Dr. med. Natalie Grams. Together with Dr. med. Christian Lübbers they are the spokespersons  of the INH.

As a board of the Gesellschaft zur wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften e.V. – GWUP – (Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences) we are affiliated to it for organisational reasons, but independent of it and there is no need for membership. Some of us are GWUP members, others are not. In our work, which we see as a contribution to active consumer protection, we are also supported by the German Consumer Association.

We are committed to a factual and verifiable line of argument. We also encounter people who do not share our point of view, with personal respect and with due esteem, even if this is not the case in the other direction.

We are at your disposal for any questions! Please use the contact possibilities given in the imprint or directly at info@netzwerk-homoeopathie.info.

You can find out more about our position in our Freiburg Declaration on Homeopathy.

A list of our supporters you can find here.

Information about further Project of the INH we offer here.

We are pleased that you want to inform yourself at INH! Welcome to our website!

On behalf of the Information Network Homeopathy:

Photo of Dr. Natalie Grams, Head, Co-Founder and Speaker of the INH
Dr. med. Natalie Grams (Head and spokeswoman)
Dr. Christian W. Luebbers, one of three speakers of the INH.
Dr. med. Christian W. Lübbers (Spokesman)
Dr. Norbert Aust, initiator, co-founder and speaker of the INH
Dr.  Ing. Norbert Aust (Initiator of INH and spokesman)