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Thank you for visiting the website of the Information Network Homeopathy! It is our concern to inform you here appropriately about homeopathy. We offer this because we are convinced that – especially in questions of health – only correct and preferably complete information will lead you to beneficial decisions on your own responsibility.

Homeopathy has been hotly disputed ever since its origins over 200 years ago. For some people, it is a beneficial healing method that should complement modern medicine today (some think even it should be preferred). For others, it’s no more than therapy from pre-scientific times, whose basic assumptions have proven to be incorrect and outdated from today’s perspective. Therefore, it seems impossible that the method has inherent effectiveness. In this often very emotional discussion, we would like to offer you factual orientation here on our website.

We act without any economic interest. None of us has an advantage or disadvantage in whether you decide for or against homeopathic treatment. Our Declaration on Transparency you can find here. Our information is science-based and neutral, it is only up to you how you use this information.

With this in mind, we invite you to browse through our pages or search for answers to specific questions. For a first orientation, we are pleased to offer you our introductory article “Homeopathy Criticism in a Nutshell“.

We explain – you have the choice!

The knowledge of what homeopathy really is and how to classify it is inversely related to its popularity. We would like to contribute to changing this. Not because we want to influence you or even patronize you – our goal is information and education, without which there can be no responsible patient decision of their own. Please use our information offer!

    • On the page “About us” you will find information about the Information Network Homeopathy, its intentions and goals and its supporters.  From there you can also access our basic programme, the “Freiburg Declaration on Homeopathy“. In this statement you will find out how we position ourselves in the public discourse on homeopathy.
    • Would you like to know more precisely what homeopathy is all about? Visit our online encyclopedia “Homöopedia” (in German) for more detailed information according to scientific standards.
    • Our family page “Susannchen braucht keine Globuli” (Susanna needs no globules, in German) offers a wide range of information, also beyond the subject of homeopathy, which is intended to convey our conviction that there is no need for pseudo-medicine to ensure a healthy family life.

We are at your disposal for any questions!
Please write to us under!


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Frequently Asked Questions

In our discussion with homeopathy and also with homeopathy advocates we repeatedly encounter similar questions and statements. We have listed the most common ones on our FAQ page. Be curious! Click on the question that interests you or on the statement to which you have a firm opinion and be surprised by our answers. You can get to the FAQ page via the menu or via this link. Here you will find a small sample of answers to two of the most basic questions:

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Briefly stated

Here you will find specialist articles on individual questions of homeopathy, which are intended to give you a generally understandable insight into the broad field of arguments and thus enable you to make a more well-founded own judgement on homeopathy. Browse or search for explanations that you have always been looking for! You can also use the search function (in the menu bar, also on the article sites).

You can access the “Briefly stated” articles via the menu or this link. You can also use our keyword search in the menu bar! You will always find the links to the three most recently published articles here:

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Points of view

Under this heading, you will find basic and important statements on questions of homeopathy as well as open letters of the information network homeopathy to decision makers, institutions and associations on questions of homeopathy in public health.

You can reach our “points of view” via the menu or this link. At this place you will always find the last three published articles in this category:

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