The INH on its own account – Notes to the public discourse

Lesedauer / Reading Time: < 1 min

The INH is pleased to note that the critical debate on homeopathy is gaining in breadth. But meanwhile, criticism of homeopathy is increasingly expressed in a way that we cannot approve of, because it exceeds the limits of legitimate intensification, irony or satire.

The INH therefore sees reason to refer to principles for the discourse on homeopathy which are part of its self-understanding:

    • Our criticism is directed at the doctrine of homeopathy and the institutions that represent it, but not at the patients and users applying homeopathy. Obviously, it is unavoidable that there are people who perceive the fact-based dispute with homeopathy as a personal attack. However, this is by no means our intention.
    • Our criticism also goes to the public health institutions, which are supposed to protect patients from quackery and ineffective therapies, but obviously fail in the case of homeopathy.
    • We strictly reject any form of attack on persons. In particular, derogatory and insulting statements are no means of pertinent discussion for us.
    • We treat all discussion partners with due respect and keep a polite tone, even if the other side is lacking in this.
    • We consider homeopathy to be a false doctrine that currently occupies an unjustified special position in public health. But we accept that it is possible to take a different position, without that in any way would devalue the person who advocates this.
    • We reject statements which place homeopathy and its users close to crimes or offenders, which in any other way merely express an aggressive attitude or which, without any factual connections, are merely intended to provocatively heat the mood.