Dr. Natalie Grams

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Photo of Dr. Natalie Grams, Head, co-Founder and Speaker of the INH.
Dr. Natalie Grams – Photo: Dorothee Pirouelle

As a doctor, former classical homeopath and mother of three, I know many views on homeopathy – those of followers and critics alike. I completed my training as a homeopath at various schools of homeopathy. I have the additional title “Homoeopathy” of the Medical Association and have had a successful homeopathic practice in Heidelberg.

In order to present the successes I had experienced, I originally wanted to write a book that would finally convince all critics and doubters of homeopathy. But through the comprehensive research I have been convinced by the arguments against homeopathy. Medicine and science have developed so radically since Hahnemann’s time that his theses can certainly be regarded as refuted today. Unfortunately, this knowledge has not yet arrived in the middle of our society or in medicine.

Here in the Homeopathy Information Network, I am committed to ensuring that more and more patients can learn how the successes of homeopathy (which I have also experienced) can be explained and why the 200-year-old healing method can no longer be part of medicine. I write a column for the major German science magazine “Spektrum der Wissenschaft” and as a freelance author for various (specialist) newspapers. I am also a communications manager at GWUP and work for the German Consumer Association. You can find my own homepage here.

You can find more about me on the Wikipedia (english).