FAQ 20 – Would you want to receive homeopathic treatment?


What we accuse homeopathy of is not the placebos it prescribes, but its unwavering adherence to scientifically untenable ideas. The fact that homeopathy was able to hold its own with us at all is due to the “multiplication factor patient”, who obviously honours the image of the method that “the human being and not the disease” is treated here. The body heals itself to a high degree. The main thing is that he gets treated somehow and you believe in it. The homeopathic healers may have successes, but not with their homeopathic globules and drops, those are ineffective sham drugs.

But the art of healing is part of any good medicine. We are committed to ensuring that patients get both: a sympathetic, understanding doctor who sees more in them than a number or a billable case (and gets it reimbursed) – and good, evidence-based medicine. In case of doubt, trustful waiting may be better than taking an unnecessary medication – we can learn that from homeopathy, too. We don’t need them for that, though.